Mountain Songs

by Nocturnal Brother

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All songs written and played by Matthew Doyle
Recorded in the space of 24 hours over the course of the 30th and 31st July 2013 by Patrick Crosse at his humble abode
Mixed thereafter by Patrick
Field recordings by Matthew and Patrick

These songs were played using a guitar purchased at a pawn shop on Patrick Street in Dún Laoghaire circa 1970's, a harmonium of unknown age and provenance, keyboards of similar mystery, and a voice

Many thanks to Patrick Crosse for all his help with this collection
Much obliged,


released January 16, 2014



all rights reserved


Nocturnal Brother Dublin, Ireland

Based in Dun Laoghaire in Co. Dublin, Nocturnal Brother is a solo project of Matthew Doyle.

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Track Name: Mountain Birds
Mountain Birds

There were worried mountain birds
Circling in the sky
Making like they wanted
To peck out our eyes
The thunder roared
The mist concealed their approach
We cowered and held our hands
Over our exposed eyes

Reaching for our guns
We fired blindly overhead
We could hear those birds
Falling around us dead
Back and forth we wandered
Through the heavy, heavy mist
It felt like we were tumbling upon a life
That did not exist

The tingle in my palm
As our hands together squeezed
The mist surrounded us
As if we were in a gentle dream
Track Name: Mountain Fire
Mountain Fire

The water in the air moistens my clothes
But doesn’t quite soak through to my bones
If we wait till its dark perhaps we could grab a piece of the moon
But right now it feels like we’re caught in some strange kind of gloom

If we look, do you think we’d see them way down below
Waving their hands amid the orange of the fire’s glow
We should make a camp, and wait for the moon to show his face
Here on the mountainside, we can take solace in a warm embrace

Inis Bó Finne seems distant to me
From up here, do you think I could jump it easily
As you know, I’ve got a mighty spring in my step
Or would I fall and drown beneath some unfathomable depth?

There is a wildness abounding in the tense atmosphere
That is bubbling up between us and manifesting itself in some kind of manic fear
I am astonished by the evil in your scowl
And the eerie sound of your wolfing howl

You psyched me out with those incandescent eyes
I felt the burning bursting out of my insides
And we were both engulfed by flames
A result of your hypnotic rage

Our fire then quenched suddenly
With not enough oxygen to sustain our blaze indefinitely
We returned to our temporal state
And breathed the mountain air again
Track Name: Mountain Lake
Mountain Lake

I recognised my mistake trampling up here alone
Because of my aching impatience the storm near shattered my bones
From where I crouched on the ledge,
The rain blistered and stung my freezing face
I trembled like the surface of the cavernous shuddering lake

A droning harmonium bellowed from above
A signal maybe that not all was lost
The worried phrase was familiar
The hurried fingering and all
From where I cowered against the cliff-face
I ascended above

My failing limbs gave way and I plummeted down into the lake
An eternity below me and not a chance of seeing another day
Slowly I sank below the shimmering moonlit water
I begged to be released to an everlasting respite of slumber

The burning moon is above me as I near the end
But even damaged I saw it all amid the chaos of this death
Track Name: The Mountain Groaned
The Mountain Groaned

I looked from the boat approaching
Towards the summit above
That the clouds were slowly shrouding
Drowned in a gentle hazing

I turned to look behind me
As the islands faded from view
I was blinded near completely
By the sun bouncing off the glassy sea

Disembarking on terra firma
I meandered along the thronged pier
I readied myself for climbing
Although my legs were steadfastly climbing

When your music is playing
It murders me slow
Chiming with the hooting owl
And the tittering crow

I’d run away from here
If I could free myself
From this awful binding
Stifling hell

I heard it in the air
During our ascent
When the weather turned
Awful inclement

I convulsed
Let out a yelp
A protracted wail
Of an astonished elk

I slid down the shale
Battered and pale
A descent made uneasy
By the bellowing gale

The mountain groaned
From deep within its roots
A sonorous sigh
Which your voice harmonised
Track Name: The Summit
The Summit

My friends,
We have reached the summit
Please, take in the view
It is yours to cherish
Track Name: In The Shadow Of The Mountain
In The Shadow Of The Mountain

I looked towards the dusk
As my eyes were seared by the billowing flames
At our camp
In the shadow of the mountain
Then I morphed into a bear
Before being swallowed deep
Into the belly of the mountain

I could hear the echo of the victims screaming
As they were devoured by the mountain
My paws were moist
From the ice-cold water
I caught a salmon in my mouth
As it leapt
From the river

I could see his fangs
So I bared my fangs
I prowled around the perimeter
He let out a mighty roar
I gave him back a thundering roar

I have returned to my human shape
My face is apparent in the reflection of the water
I rest easy now
No longer threatened

I have tired of the city
I lay on my back in the Atlantic
Watching the bats
Straddle the oncoming night
Track Name: Where The Mountains Meet The Sea
Where The Mountains Meet The Sea

I am foraging for subsistence and survival
I can sense the expectancy of those awaiting my arrival
At my home where the mountains meet the sea
The moon pulls the tide in closer
Then drifts behind the looming mountain peaks

I find my way by the stars and after travelling so far
I am greeted by my children and the taste of my wife’s lips
We eat and sit by the fire and beside my tired, bruised and listless limbs
My wife slips
Track Name: Mountain Mist
Mountain Mist

It’s cold out here and I’m so lonely
I got caught in the mist rolling over me
I was looking out but the mist was so heavy
I didn’t see the drop right in front of me
I fell off the ledge so sweetly
I couldn’t take a breath before I hit theatrically

My leg is crushed beneath the rock and I’m bleeding
I hope the mist lifts off and I can look out at the sea
My body is broken, battered and my spirit is waning
I hope you can come and watch over me
I’m drifting away and I’m shaking
The cold is getting into every part of me

I’m slipping away so gently
But I’ve got the sun on my face and I’m right where I want to be
Dying alone isn’t as bad as you warned me
With a view like this but still I wouldn’t mind the company
I’ll see the islands as I’m dying
To bid farewell to all my family